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When is the Right Time to Consider Moving to a Senior Living Facility? 

Determining when it’s time to move a loved one into a care facility can often be a challenging decision for a variety of reasons.  There are often a variety of issues that should be carefully considered before making such an important decision. Being proactive and fully understanding the signs, process, and potential living options will likely lead to a better outcome for you and your loved one.


Consider The Little Things.

People naturally gravitate to the preference of wanting to stay in the own homes.  However, over time, this decision can have an increasingly large impact on the family as they continually take on more responsibility to take care of their loved one. 


Even simple errands such as picking up prescription medication or even going to the grocery store can consume a lot of time. There are also a variety of daily tasks that we take for granted – from showering to preparing meals – that are important are should not be overlooked.  If your loved one is having difficulties with these necessary tasks then it might be time to consider a senior living facility.


Care beyond the Caregiver.

Caregivers can be an excellent choice to give a loved one the care they need while also allowing them to remain in their own home.  However, be careful not to overlook the social aspect of care, which is something that a care facility can provide much better.  Being around other seniors can provide residents with a social experience that can be quite beneficial to a senior’s overall mental health and well-being. 


Have the honest conversation with yourself.

Many emotions can surface when considering whether or not to move a family member into a senior living facility, but the decision is more important that one person’s emotional state.  Specifically, the needs of the loved one should be at the forefront of the decision.  Does your family require additional care that is beyond what you can provide?

Factors like this should be carefully considered.  And, for family members who are having a difficult time making a decision, should take a step back and ensure they’re making the best possible decision for the person who is most affected: their family members who would be living in the facility.  

How To Know You Are Ready.

It’s likely that you’ve been considering a senior living facility for your loved one for quite a while.  You’ve watched your loved one slowly lose their independence and the ability to care for themselves.  You’ve probably stepped in to assist with many of their daily needs but, at some point, the required care goes beyond what can be reasonably delivered.  This is the moment when alternative living options should be considered.  Conducting some initials research to begin familiarizing yourself with those various options.  The more  you learn, the more comfortable you’ll become with making this important decisions that will impact not only your loved one, but also your entire family.